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Bosch Denso GMB KYB Monroe Qualitee


Spark Plugs Oxygen Sensors
Bosch is a leading automotive component manufacturers and Original Equipment for many import carmakers.
Spark Plugs
Come in four types.
Why Bosch Oxygen Sensors?
Bosch invented the automotive oxygen sensor. Bosch Premium Oxygen Sensors feature the Advanced Ceramic Technology for unparalleled quality and performance.


Spark Plugs Oxygen Sensors
Denso is one of the leading automotive component manufacturers with over $18 billon in Annual Sales. Denso is OE for Toyota, Lexus, and DaimlerChrysler among others.
Spark Plugs
Standard is Platinum.

Denso Premium is Double Platinum. Double Platinum means platinum applied to both the center and ground electrodes which improves spark plug durability. Double platinum lasts up to 60,000 miles.
Denso Iridium Best plug that you can buy; designed for racing.  DENSO's patented Iridium alloy is 6x harder and 8x stronger than conventional platinum and can handle temperatures in excess of 4,000° F. 

Oxygen Sensors
How do I match my oxygen sensor? Check the plug type male or female and wire harness length.
What are universal sensors? Universal sensors come with out the plug, and in order to use them you must reuse the old plug.
What is an oxygen sensor? The Oxygen Sensor is a measuring probe located in the exhaust system of your car. Feedback from the sensor controls the amount of fuel injected into the engine, assuring the optimum air/fuel mixture for complete combustion, and therefore the lowest possible emmisions and gasoline usage. Types? Heated (3 & 4 wires) and unheated (1 & 2 wires).
Why Denso? (Directly from Denso's website)
DENSO First Time Fit® oxygen sensors are specifically designed to meet the challenging demands of today's engines. Each of our oxygen sensors is constructed of the highest quality materials available. High-quality stainless steel, porous polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), fluorine rubber, aluminum oxide, high-grade platinum and ceramics are used in each DENSO First Time Fit® oxygen sensor. The bottom line is: DENSO produces the finest oxygen sensors in the world. How can we say this? Because, in so many cases, we designed, tested, and manufactured the OE unit.
Performance & Longevity Second To None A car's oxygen sensor is constantly exposed to a barrage of harmful contaminants that can rob it of its ability to produce an efficient reading. Engine lubricants, sealants and additives, silicone, and/or oil can damage a sensor's element. DENSO First Time Fit® oxygen sensors are coated with a special formulation of aluminum oxide to trap impurities outside of the ceramic element. In head-to-head testing against the leading competitors, DENSO oxygen sensors were rated two times more resistant to silicone and lead poisoning.

GMB Waterpumps

World's best selling new waterpump. ISO-9002 quality certified.

KYB Gas Shocks

Gas-a-just GR-2 Monomax AGX
Kayaba (KYB) is a global leader in ride control.
Carmakers which choose KYB as Original Equipment include: Ford, General Motors, Honda, Isuzu, Lexus, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Saturn, Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota, VW, and Volvo.

KYB is the first hydraulic manufaturer to be awarded the prestigeous Deming Prize for total quality and control.

kyb gr2 KYB's GR-2 Series shocks and struts give a smooth, comfortable ride. A patented check valve minimizes foaming and aeration to make sure the ride is stable, even under rough conditions. GR-2 shocks and struts are a low pressure gas twin tube design. Good for normal to moderate performance driving.
  • Velocity-Sensative valving
  • Hardened chrome piston rods
  • Twin-tube design
  • Multi-lip seals
  • Check valve to eliminate foaming
  • Low pressure Nitrogen gas
  • Iron pistons and guide rods
  • Seamless tube body
kyb gasajust KYB's Gas-a-just Shocks gives a responsive and stiff ride. Gas-a-just's higher gas pressure (280 psi) keeps tires glued to the road while its high strength monotube configuration provides extra-rugged durability and fade-free performance. Gasajusts feature a stiff, consistent valving. They are available for older cars and trucks as well as new ones.
  • Velocity-Sensitive valving
  • Hardened chrome piston rods
  • Monotube design
  • Self sealing packing
  • Check valve to eliminate foaming
  • High-Pressure Nitrogen gas filled (280 psi)
  • Iron pistons and guide rods
  • Seamless tube body
kyb agx AGX comes with adjustable shock absorption which changes both the rebound and compression strokes. Depending on the model, there are either 4 or 8 eight stages of adjustment. Damping rate is selected with an external knob on the units body or a screwdriver slot at the top of the piston rod, depending on the model.
  • Sintered iron pistons
  • Hardened chrome rods
  • Seamless cylinders
  • Multi-lip seals
  • Check valve to eliminate foaming
  • Low pressure Nitrogen gas filled
  • Externally adjustable
kyb monomax KYB MonoMax performance gas shocks. For hot trucks, sporty SUVs, and 4WDs. These shocks are engineered and designed to deliver performance and strength regular shocks don't have. These shocks have a vehicle specific valving for severe duty and handling. They help reduce squat under acceleration, helps eliminate braking nose dive, and helps control roll and pitch. These are the KYB Gasajust on steroids! Bigger and better.
  • High pressure gas design (280psi)
  • Monotube design
  • Hardened chrome 1/2 piston rod
  • Seamless body cylinders and eye rings
  • Floating piston
  • Self-sealing packing
  • Velocity-sensitive valving
  • Large 46mm bore and piston

Monroe Shocks & Struts

Reflex Sensa-trac Monro-Matic Gas Magnum Max Air
For more than 75 years, Monroe has led the industry in the development of innovative shocks that deliver optimum control and safety

Monroe Reflex
Monroe's best.
Maximum safety through greater stability and control without sacrificing comfort.
911000, 921000, 931000, & 941000 Series

Monroe Sensa-trac
Most popular.
Premium shock absorbers for drivers who want ultimate comfort with added control.
71000, 5800, 5900, & 39000 Series
Monro-Matic Plus
Nitrogen gas charged shock absorbers that offer improved comfort at an economical price.
Gas Magnum
Shock absorbers designed for mid to full size, hard working pick-up trucks and vans.
34000 Series
Max Air Sold as a pair.
Ideal for vehicles that haul heavy loads or tow trailers.
MA700, MA800 Series
Strut Mounts
It's recommended that you replace vehicle strut mounts whenever you replace the struts.
90XXXX Series Shocks and struts should be replaced every 100,000 miles.

Qualitee Brake pads

Available in Ceramic (CE Series), Virgin Graphite Compound VGX (MF Series).
shocks monroe shocks kyb

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